for belly Dance classes

What should I wear to class?
You can wear anything comfortable like tights, track pants, harems et cetera. No jeans allowed to class.
Do I have to show my belly in class?
The instructor will wear a short top, for you to able to see what she is doing and how the movement needs to be done. But it is not compulsory to wear anything short if you are not comfortable. Your comfort is of utmost importance.
How fast can I learn the dance form?
It totally depends on how well you can understand this dance form and how quickly you learn. But yes, in about 3 months you would learn enough to feel good about yourselves.
Do I get to perform?
Yes, every student gets a chance to perform. We organise Jashn-e-Banjara, our annual festival where students of all level gets a chance to perform and besides that, we keep organising haflas (parties) once in every 2-3 months for our students.
Where can I get Arabic music?
You can ask your instructors to give music on your pendrives or you can note down the name of the songs and download it yourselves.
Where can I buy hip scarves?
You can buy hip scarves from your instructors and also Banjara has its own range of hip scarves in the name of Banjara Fashion and Accessories.
Do I need to know any other dance form before I bellydance?
No. Everything is taught from basics.

I learnt bellydance from some other school for 4-5 months. Can I join from improvers level and not from the beginners?
No. If you are joining banjara for the first time, you have to join from the beginners.

I am 39 years old, can I join your school and learn belly dance?
Yes, you can. We take girls from 12 years of age upto any age for belly dance..

Will belly dancing help me reduce weight?
Once in a week class is not enough to lose weight. Banjara gives you an option of attending as many batches as you can once you are registered with Banjara, so attending atleast three classes in a week might help. BUT BANJARA DO NOT GAURANTEE WEIGHT LOSE.

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